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eating his poop

  1. Puppy eating his own feces

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a Mal-Shi who is obsessed with trying to eat his own feces. When we're outside, I call him away quickly so I can pick it up before he gets to it. But when we leave him home (we film him so we can watch what he's doing) we find that he eats his feces almost immediately after going. We feed...
  2. Eating his poop

    Dog Health Questions
    This is so nasty, but one of my dogs (a 45 lbs shepherd mix) is eating his own poop sometimes, on occasion he'll eat my smaller dog's poop aswell:eek: I am soo upset, but more so worried..plus it's NASTY!!!!:( Any comments or answer as too what this means...he's not due for the vet (annual...