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ear infections

  1. Hercules had major ear infections - see what helped him

    The Honest Kitchen
    This story is a featured post on our blog taken from one of our amazing True Stories- customer testimonials on how food helped heal their pet. Don’t let the name confuse you. Hercules is a small dog, but he has a big personality. Around 5 years ago, Julie and her husband, Chris, realized...
  2. Ear infections as related to dog food?

    Dog Food Forum
    Somebody posted in a thread I read that she couldn't feed a food that had grains because her dog was allergic and got ear infections from it. I've also read comments elsewhere where people say things like " the problems with ear infections caused by potatos" (or something like that) I'm new to...
  3. Caring for your dog's ears naturally

    The Honest Kitchen
    Ear problems are one of the top routine reasons why dogs visit the veterinarian, and many dogs suffer with painful and unpleasant ear conditions for years on end before a true long-standing cure is found. A holistic approach to the problem considers the environment in which the dog lives, what...
  4. Mack gets ear infection while switching to TOTW???

    Dog Food Forum
    So I have started switching Mack, Golden Retriever, over to Taste of the Wild High Prairie from Large Breed Science Diet. I am switching due the TOTW being more nutritious and Mack's numerous ear infections that he has had since birth. After discussing my concerns on here, you guys helped me...
  5. Ear drop terror

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone, Hope I posted this in the right place (this is my first post)! Sorry if it's the wrong place! Anyway, we adopted a cocker mix several months ago and he's amazing. He's a great dog and our personalities match perfectly. However, we've been having a huge problem with ear drops...
  6. Dog ear treatments

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 10 yr old pitbull and 2 cats. Anyways we adopted the 2 furballs from a shelter and they gave our dog ear mites that they came homw with!! So we went online and found a treatment called Dr.Dogs ear Oil. Its a great remedy and its cheap!! Within just a couple of days my animals ears were...