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  1. General Dog Forum
    I have this extremely durable toy that's lasted for years, but my newest German Shepherd is starting to very slowly tear it up. Have anyone seen a toy similar to this?
  2. General Dog Forum
    I have a fairly big lab (80-90lbs) that destroys about every toy I have given him. He's well behaved and doesn't chew up anything else besides his toys, but most everything I give him doesn't even last him a week. I've even given him a big horse Jollyball and he managed to eventually chew the...
  3. General Dog Forum
    So my buddy frank told me about this super duper dog toy that is insanely durable. So i got one and its fantastic. Its a water bowl, fetch toy, and chew toy. My dog Lucy loves it. Its made from rubber and nylon and tested safe. The story about the guys who made is even better... THREE college...
1-3 of 3 Results