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  1. Fur issues + Freshpet?

    Dog Food Forum
    I have an 8 month old Australian Shepherd named Cosmo. He has very dry fur and skin, which we've been dealing with for most of his life. He chews on himself a lot and if you part the fur, near the root appears a lightish brown (he's black) and it seems brittle. It doesn't appear on the front of...
  2. confused on types of brushes and combs, and wet/dry brushing

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Hi, I've had my dog for two years now, and I've been using the following combs/brushes. I wasn't sure what they're called, so I'm going by this page: http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2+2095&aid=789 I've read you're not suppose to use a bristle brush on a long hair dog (see picture of...
  3. Limping Dog, Please Help!

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog is limping because of his irritated testicles. They are noticeably red and pretty dry. He makes it obvious that they are bothering him but doesn't seem to be a life or death situation. He trys not to put any weight on them. He does not seem to be licking at them or anything like that...
  4. Dog Limping Because of Irritated Testicles, Please Help ASAP!

    Dog Health Questions
    My one year old dog is limping due to his irritated testicles. He will not put any weight down on them or anything and even lifts his leg in the air, so to not rest it on his testicles, when he lays down. His testicles are very dry and pretty red. Almost kind of like a rash but not really...
  5. OMNIPRO dry food?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello everyone. I was just wondering if anyone have heard of OMNIPRO dry good. The vet recommended it for my caucasian ovcharka puppy. I've been feeding it to "Lion" for the past couple weeks and he LOVES IT. He is now almost 10 week old and doing great. Here's the link for the formula i've...