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  1. Dog eating alot less

    General Dog Forum
    My dog Lincoln is 3 months old and as long as i've had him he has been a great eater. However, within the last two weeks, he has had a significant drop in the amount hes eating. He will just sniff his food and walk away. I have started to mix his food with a LITTLE bit of juices from a wet can...
  2. Sort of Picky Eater (Dry Kibble)

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello! I've been having some recurring trouble with my Buddy when it comes to food. He's sort of a picky eater, in the sense that every so often, he drops into phases of not eating his kibble. He still plays actively and goes for the food, so I know he wants to eat and isn't sick, but then he...
  3. Canned Food Better Than Dry Food?

    Dog Food Forum
    I just read an article on the Dog Food Advisor talking about canned food being better than dry kibble and kibble being detrimental to a dog's teeth rather than scraping them clean. Does anyone have any opinions on this? Here's the link to the website...
  4. Tiny little rescue - what to feed?

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Hi all, We adopted a tiny little Jack RussellxDaschund on Monday from a shelter who has had a rough time. She came in at about 7 weeks, She was vaccinated when she came in but both her brothers died of parvovirus and she likely had a mild case. She was then adopted by a family who fed her table...
  5. Trouble getting dog to accept and eat ANY dry kibble, let alone canned food...

    Dog Food Forum
    I'll give my back story here first off. My dog (Yorkie) will be 5 years old on April 1 this year. He has always - ALWAYS been a picky eater, preferring human food. He flat out refuses to eat kibble and so for the past 3 or 4 years we've been feeding him a variety of canned food. He wont touch...
  6. Diabetic Labrador Ret, male, n, 8yrs, food?'s. long time canine owner

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone, I have a black lab, 8yrs,diabetic, on insulin, the vet has him on Purina Vet Formula DCO, dual fiber control...and his brother absolutely loves it...18 pounds is $55. including tax...I am looking for a complex carb, high fiber food,low fat DRY food. any suggestions....?