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  1. Attention All New Members
    Hello, all! My name is DeAnna, and I am a rescue dog mom from Pennsylvania! I adopted a Miniature Pinscher/Miniature Dachshund male dog from the Irvine Animal Care Center in Southern California when I was completing my second degree on the west coast. I am happy to be part of the forum and look...
  2. Attention All New Members
    (edit, tried to post pic... didn't work... pout) To get it out of the way, River is a designer breed, a Mini Doxie-Pin. No we didn't get her because of the breed, no she's not a trophy :) A friend's mini dox got knocked up by a min-pin. Yes, it was irresponsible of the owners to not have their...
  3. General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone I've had my dog for about 2 years now. I adopted him after his previous family tried to get rid of him. He was very thin, scared, and shy when i first brought him home after a few days of TLC he became this little beam of sunshine. He is exactly what I imagine a toddler to be like...
  4. General Dog Forum
    Chauncey's Story: We found this cute dog on the street when we went jogging and he started running with us, we looked around and knocked on doors to find his owners. Finally we took him to the local dog shelter for Los Angeles but we told them that if the owner didn't claim him we would come...
1-4 of 4 Results