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  1. Dog keeps biting other dogs ear? How to stop.

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, I have a 4 year old 80 lb. Male border collie / lab / german shepherd mix named Solomon. and a 2 year old 40 lb. Female border collie / lab mix named Bixby. We have had Solomon since he was a pup, and Bixby for about a year. They get along great but play a little aggressively. They both...
  2. Dominant 8 week old Pit Bull pup

    Dog Training Forum
    So, the vet clinic that I work at is in the habit of taking in random stray animals here and there. Walked in to work this morning to find an approx. 8 week old male Pit Bull puppy labeled "stray". Of course my boyfriend, who also was working, fell in love at first sight. He's always had a soft...
  3. Dominance

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi folks. I've recently taken in a couple of very friendly and apparently healthy small dogs that have been working the neighborhood for handouts. These are the first dogs I've had in about 50 years. Things are coming along rather well. They've yet to be to the veterinarian, but they are very...