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dominace agression

  1. Sudden change in behavior in rescue

    Dog Training Forum
    Three dogs. Female chow chow cocker spaniel is calm and likes to be left alone. Gunner, 2 1/2 year old male mutt rescue, had him for 2 years, always wanted to play with female and she started getting irritated, decided a playmate would be perfect for him. Almost 2 year old male mutt rescued mid...
  2. Corrections versus aggression between dogs?

    General Dog Forum
    Some of you know we just adopted a bonded pair of Pyr mixes, one male and one female. Baelor, the male, is by far the more dominant one. Shae is timid, fearful, and traumatized from their past treatment. She is particularly uncertain around people and follows him like a shadow, so closely that...
  3. Newbie scared of own dog.

    Attention All New Members
    Hey all, So hopefully this is the appropriate place to post this, I just really need some guidance and assistance with my situation. I live with my folks, and my dad has had his dog for a solid 7-8 years now. We adopted him when we was about 2-3 from a couple who said they could no longer keep...
  4. Dog Personality shifting into aggression outside???????

    Dog Training Forum
    I have two dogs that are both rescues, both ADORE each-other, and both have a variety of issues, I train them myself, but seem to have hit a bit of a plateau with them. Here is a quick description of both of them. Although they have both made HUGE improvements, and I mean HUGE they still need...
  5. dominant behavior?

    Dog Training Forum
    I hav a 10 month old pit, total cupcake..except: she has been avoiding getting into the car this week, she lays down and chills, when I walk overor speak stearnly she rlls over and submits and I have to drag or carry her.today, granted she needs a run, she bgan dancing and spining, barking and...