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  1. Dog Health Questions
    Hi internet! I’ve noticed my dogs has a large lump and a smaller one next to it with sort of black dots surrounding the area. I’m curious to know if it’s cancer or not. I have no money until next week so am unable to take her to the vet, and kind find anything that looks similar online. If...
  2. General Dog Forum
    I would like to understand the best dog smart collar, or most used by the dog community members. And check whether it is actually worth it get for our dogs. Or just yet another device.
  3. General Dog Forum
    So the last couple of days have been trying to say the least. My mastiff Hancock has been low growling while looking down my hallway. Only my boyfriend, we’ve had Hancock since he was a puppy, is in the bedroom down the hall. So I thought nothing of it. Now last night we were standing in our...
  4. Dog Training Forum
    I have a 3 year old chocolate lab. I've had her since she was 3 months old. I somewhat train dogs and grew up working with them. She has an older sister who is 10. Growing up, I took her to dog parks, walks around town, car rides, off leash, on leash, etc. She has what I might classify as...
  5. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello, I am getting a female english springer puppy soon. I wonder what would be the best schedule to set for the pup as it gets older since I have time to be with it all day long. I also would like to know what is the best puppy food / treats + how much per day for the food. Thanks!
  6. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi guys, New owner here for a year. I have a female Jack Russell Mix and my parents and I haven’t been raising her to be fully responsible earlier on and it’s had some effects. I know Jack Russell’s can definitely be stubborn and hard-headed and we are currently in transition of not allowing...
  7. Dog Health Questions
    I've been raising dogs for 40 years, and Never had a dog get parvo after immunization. About 6 months ago I had a dog get parvo after vaccinating......and recently had 3 of them get parvo. Brand names are numerous: First Companion, Canine Spectra 5 Canine Imuno-Vax 9. Pls stop using the...
  8. Dog Health Questions
    I have a German Shepard and she has these black spots in the top of her nipples. Are these normal?
  9. Dog Training Forum
    Looking for some blogs that are directed towards dog training & health or breeding, are there any blogs you guys actually use or have recently read a good article from? Are there any certified dog trainers that can recommend any good blogs for accurate information? I'm working on my own blog...
  10. General Dog Forum
    Hi All, I have recently come across this website Koaas seems to have many dog ads by breeders, I'm bit confused as to how can i start questioning them, i feel they will probably get upset if i ask them too many questions. Then I checked other websites like dogzonline same story there and perhaps...
  11. Attention All New Members
    Hello guys! My name is Sam! I am 22 and I own 3 rescue dogs! I work in the animal care workforce! Also worked a vet as a vet assistant! I have over 10 years of dog experience (Volunteering and working) and am excited to be apart of this forum! Thanks for reading! -Sam...
  12. Dog Health Questions
    I just expressed my dogs anal glands, which had not been done in over a decade. What came out was a long, thin, gray-brown noodle. I think the fluid dried up into a pasty substance. I assume he had impacted anal glands?
  13. Attention All New Members
    Hello there! My name is Jessie. Here to learn and get help for my pet.
  14. Attention All New Members
    I just bought my dog to my new house, well we have a cat there. The dog is scared of the cat, they are the same size. The cat hates the dog. Kitty stares him down and hisses. Won't give him the time of day. What do I do?
  15. Attention All New Members
    Hello everybody! I'm a dog lover from Germany ;) Currently, I have two beautiful GSD named Rex and Aila. Rex is 4 years old and Aila also. Love to see the topics of the forum and to communicate with all of you! Bye!
  16. Attention All New Members
    Hi all, my name is Andrew and currently I am the owner of two wonderful dogs and part owner of another (I say part owner because my girlfriend's dog spends a lot of time with us). So first off, my pride and joy is my German Shepherd, Howitzer. The best $70 I've ever spent. He was found as a...
  17. Attention All New Members
    Here new member!... Bests
  18. General Dog Forum
    I am a 13 y/o boy. Every day when I walk my dogs (2 GSD's 1 Lab and a Dobie) in the evening along with my friend (she has a great dane), the neighborhood bullies bully us and tease our dogs. What do I do now ?? I am very traumatized and depressed. I am very scared to walk them now. I make them...
  19. Dog Training Forum
    I have two pets: a Sheltie named Bliss and a cat named Luke. We've had Bliss since she was a puppy, and we adopted Luke earlier this year. Both animals are about a year and a half old. I've had dogs my entire life but not cats, so this is my first experience having a dog and a cat. Bliss is...
  20. Attention All New Members
    Hi guys! My name is Lauren and I am new to this forum. I have always been obsessed with dogs since I was a child. I'm currently in college, so I can't afford a puppy of my own, but I am counting down the days until I can. I just want to talk to other dog lovers and hopefully help with any...