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  1. hello pet lovers

    Attention All New Members
    hey, i'm a pet blogger and a vet too so i will be posting contents based on common pet issues. keep reading!!
  2. I have 12 dogs

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    Yea, you read right I have 12 dogs. About to adopt 2 more.
  3. Dogs and Cats *Really Long Post*

    General Dog Forum
    (Should I have put this in the training forum? I thought it might be better here since I accidentally went into so much detail about other pets and stuff... sorry about all the cat stuff, but it is important because it explains my experience with pets, and my pets experience with other pets, and...
  4. Hi Everyone!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi Everyone! I'm a new member here feel free to message me. I love dogs and a have a 1 year old wolf hybrid husky coywolf dog :) I will try to post pictures once I figure out how this website works :)