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  1. Multiple dominant Male dogs in same household?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello friends, I am writing to gather any experience any of you may have with having multiple dominant male dogs in the same household. I am an experienced dog owner but I have never had two large breed dogs (that tend to be dominant) in the same household. What are any tips/tricks? Does...
  2. Aggressive 9 month old dogo argentino

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, i have a 9 month old dogo argentino, Beau. He has been sweet and gentle to people and other dogs until recently. He is suddenly very aggressive towards strangers especially all men. He snapped multiple times on the behavioral therapist. He has not bitten anyone YET, but we are now forced...
  3. Howdy Folks from me and my Dogo

    Attention All New Members
    Hola~ Amigo's Como estas. Allow me to introduce Margarita Dama de Hierro.
  4. PERSEUS the Dogo Argentino from Southern California!!!!!!!!!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Perseus is 2 years old and about 105 lbs. He is a big baby.
  5. Dog toys

    General Dog Forum
    I have a full grown male Dogo Argentino. He is very strong and I can't find a good toy for him because he tears EVERYTHING up. I got him the strongest rope you could but at PetCo and he tore it up, I got him the Kong Ultra or whatever the extra strong kong ball is and he tore it up, I buy him...
  6. More of Rayden( Dogo Argentino)

    Dog Pictures Forum
    1st day in the States Young Rayden One of my favorites Rayden/his dad (Morocho) a very famous Dogo Can't believe this is the same dog Is that a pig or a dog! Lol Backseat rider In the blinds He is minding my business Lizard hunter(finally seeing his muscles)
  7. Weight pulling for dogs

    Dog Training Forum
    I want to get my 11 month old Dogo Argentino into weight pulling! Does anyone have advice on getting started! Harnesses, food supplements, or anything you can think of! Thanks
  8. Rayden/Dogo Argentino

    Dog Pictures Forum
  9. Acana Pacifica for large breed dog - Dogo Argentino

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello everyone! I am in the process of switching my 17 month old Dogo Argentino to Acana Pacifica http://www.acana.com/products/regionals/pacifica/ Is this an appropriate food for large breeds(calcium/phosphorus)? Will I need to give my boy any supplements? Thanks
  10. Dogo Argentino exercising

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi All! I have a 9 month old Dogo Argentino puppy named Nacho. Up until a month ago his exercising consisted of 2 walks of 30-45 minutes walking per day, plus a 45 minute group obedience training class with a small play session at the end once a week, and obedience practicing every day for 5-10...
  11. Acana Wild Prairie VS Acana Large Breed Puppy for Dogo Argentino puppy

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi Everyone! I am about to get a 4 month old Dogo Argentino puppy and after doing a little research in the local market(I live in Cyprus) I decided I would go with either Acana Wild Prairie or Acana Large Breed Puppy The differences I found is that the Large Breed Puppy has grain, but more...
  12. What breeds do you think are in my dog?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, Any ideas? He's 24 1/2 inches at the shoulders, and is 80-85 pounds. (I thought maybe I'd hold his ears for a picture, to give another perspective since I know all the breeds he's possibly associated with often have their ears cropped)