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  1. Please help

    Dog Food Forum
    My dog now eats taste of the wilds duck formula, he is 7 months and I am not sure if the amount that he goes to the bathroom a day (bowel movements 2 x a day) is normal. I am not sure if it is because taste of the wild has a lot of protein, or it's just because we just recently dewormed him from...
  2. HELP! Westie With Tummy Trouble. Vomiting bile and mucus/blood in stools

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 7 year old westie, Charlie, who is having tummy problems AGAIN. We got him a year ago, do not know a thing about his past life, except his age and name. He is a good tempered, happy little dog, BUT....... He tends to vomit in the mornings. He has been doing it on and off for quite a...
  3. What kind of dog food does your dog eat?

    Dog Food Forum
    :)Mine eat Purina right now but I switch it to RAW and Eunukanuba (or howEVER you spell it) and other stuff so they don't get bored.