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dog walking

  1. More freedom to explore!——Introduce MIU PET dog leash and 30% OFF now!

    KEY FEATURES: Innovative and patented lock with a pause button, so you can control the pet moving range by fixing the length of the leash Reflective elements to provide more convenience for you walking your dog at night or in the early morning A dog waste poop bag dispenser and a wrist strap...
  2. The Effects of Dog Walking

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    If you've been to my other thread, you've seen that I'm very reluctant about taking my five month old puppy out for walks because of the stray dogs that patrol near my house. Now, though, I'm starting to feel like I have to stop worrying and just take her out for a walk. One of the main...
  3. Dog training help

    Attention All New Members
    Hi there, I am having some issues with my dogs. If I can explain and see how you could possibly help me. I got a miniature bull terrier and a cross foxy-staffie 7 years ago. They are both females. At the time they were our babies and were allowed on couches and beds etc. I did puppy...
  4. Quick Question!! Need feedback!!

    Attention All New Members
    Hey everybody i am currently looking for a dog walker in NYC. Has anyone ever heard of http://www.maxthepetnanny.com http://www.yelp.com/biz/max-the-pet-nanny-new-york-3
  5. Dog Walking Etiquette Question

    General Dog Forum
    Hey all, I let my Pekingese walk at the edge of people's yards, in their grass, while I stay on the street. I try to keep her within a foot or two of the curb, and I always pick up her waste. I see everyone else walking their dogs on the street (we don't have sidewalks), but pupster LOVES to...
  6. Dog Walking/Pooping App for Android?

    General Dog Forum
    Our dog is getting up there in years, and we are starting to have a lot of frustration in the walking department. As in, he is really arthritic and spans the gamut between pooping in the house and walking at a painstakingly slow pace for an hour and NOT pooping. (Yes, he’s been to the vet.) So...
  7. Dog walking question... which side should he be on?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    hello... i'm new to the forums here and i hope i'm posting my question in the right place. i have a year-old golden retriever and he does fairly well when walking on the leash. my question is this: when training the dog to walk on the leash, you are told that the dog must be on your left side...
  8. Boston Area Dog Walking/Play/Sporting Group

    General Dog Forum
    We have a new dog walking/play & sporting group. We include ALL breeds and mixed breeds who are active, playful, non-aggressive, kid and dog friendly. This is an especially good group for socializing puppies and young dogs as they will learn to be happy, good citizens with us! We count among our...