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  1. Dog trainer course

    Dog Training Forum
    I already have a decent base knowledge as a dog trainer, but looking to have more expansive knowledge- learn about agility, nose work, dog sports, and assistance dog training. Does anyone have experience with in-person courses? I have already read multiple books and taken an online course on...
  2. Has Anybody Tried This For Your Pet?

    General Dog Forum
    So me and the wife were looking around for dog training to do at home with our new husky, and we came across this program to do at home called Brain Training. Has anybody else tried this before? We’d like to know before purchasing. Thanks here’s the link we found...
  3. Any Useful Dog Training Blogs?

    Dog Training Forum
    Looking for some blogs that are directed towards dog training & health or breeding, are there any blogs you guys actually use or have recently read a good article from? Are there any certified dog trainers that can recommend any good blogs for accurate information? I'm working on my own blog...
  4. How to know the best online dog training course

    Digi dog training [proven] strategies how to know the best online dog training course EVER you wonder how a dog understand HUMANS Language Dogs pick up on emotional cues in our speech they're also able to distinguish between meaningful words and gibberish different parts of the brain to...
  5. Aggression in Golden Retriever

    Doggy Training
    Our sweet 4yo Golden suddenly started attacking dogs last summer. She had previously been playful and friendly with every dog she encountered but our vet thinks her new aggression may have been triggered by having been attacked by my sister's two dogs when we visited her home. She's never bitten...
  6. Clicker Training

    General Dog Forum
    Does anybody here use a clicker to train? I bought one and try to work with Lincoln at least two times a day. So far we are just on name recognition and he is doing better everyday. I have watched a video or two on different ways to clicker train but Im not 100% sure on what all clicker training...
  7. Need help training bad dog

    Attention All New Members
    Hello I am new here and heard this was the best place to get help with my bad pets. For the last few weeks i have been having a problem with my chihuahua. He keep taking my food or my guests food when they are not looking This is him http://youtu.be/Bgyog4YiVws Please help!
  8. Nice To Be Here

    Attention All New Members
    Hello Every one! My name is Joy Zobel, I am a blogger in the dog niche, I am very happy to be here with folk of like minds
  9. New Member

    Attention All New Members
    Hi all, I joined this forum because I am interested in absorbing as much information as I can about dog training. And by dog training, I mean learning about all the proper methods that derive from all four quadrants of operant conditioning. I have a husky pup who is almost eight months old...
  10. I am a DOG Lover

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I am a Dog Lover still i am learning to Keep my Dog healthy and Happy. Also i do learnt a lot from Many Dog training Forums of How to train the Dog and make that to be our Friend. I am happy to tell that my good do Obey to my words and do what ever i say. I just want to share my...
  11. Dog pees in crate

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all! I have a 4 year old Boston Terrier named Mimi who I've had for a little over 3 months. By now, she has pretty much fully adjusted to living with me and I've potty trained her in my place. She never goes to the bathroom inside except when I'm gone at work, and she almost always pees in...
  12. Dog Untrains Herself?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I'm not sure if I should post this here or in the training forum, but as I'm a first time dog owner (since I was a little kid, anyways), this seemed the more appropriate of the two choices. Let me know if I should move these kinds of questions to the other one. -------------------------- I'm...
  13. Is your dog Doing what you want?

    Doggy Training
    Get access now and check out the whole Doggy training program with your $1 trial
  14. house breaking for new puppy and older dogs

    Piddle Place
    If you have a new puppy that needs training with less mess and cost of puppy pads. If you have an elderly dog that has a problem going outside. Do you work long hours and can't always be home to take your dog for a walk. Please consider allowing your furry friend the option of an indoor dog...
  15. Dog training help

    Attention All New Members
    Hi there, I am having some issues with my dogs. If I can explain and see how you could possibly help me. I got a miniature bull terrier and a cross foxy-staffie 7 years ago. They are both females. At the time they were our babies and were allowed on couches and beds etc. I did puppy...
  16. Hi all am new to this place...looking forward for your support

    Dog Training Forum
    I would love to have some training tips for my new Beagle dog! Will be waiting for your suggestions
  17. What is the first thing I should train my puppy to do?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hey guys, Its time I start training my puppy but I do not know where to start. What is the first and most important thing to in-still in Charlie? This poll made me think potty training is of most importance. Is this true? https://www.hubub.com/187635/187681
  18. Check out my dogs training/ tricks and progress on my new youtube channel

    Dog Training Forum
    I will be posting videos of my training sessions with my dogs as well showing tricks they already know. For now I only have one posted but I will be posting much more soon. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoo544DQOQ3eluQd94sqIqQ/feed?filter=2 If anyone else has videos or youtube channels...
  19. "Chin" Trick vs "Shake" HELP

    Dog Training Forum
    Okay so I had tout my puppy how to shake, in which I put my hand out and ask for her paw. Now I added a new command called "Chin" in which I ask for the dog to rest her chin on my hand. Now when I put my hand out and ask for a shake she only does her chin command...how can I make her know the...
  20. Tough Behind the Window

    Dog Training Forum
    Can someone please help with some issues we have been having lately with our 2 yr old mixed breed (cocker spaniel & flat coated retriever)? Our dog loves to sit in the window, but anytime a dog or stranger passes by, he goes completely bonkers, pawing at the window and growling. Outside, its a...