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  1. Dog trainer course

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    I already have a decent base knowledge as a dog trainer, but looking to have more expansive knowledge- learn about agility, nose work, dog sports, and assistance dog training. Does anyone have experience with in-person courses? I have already read multiple books and taken an online course on...
  2. How to know the best online dog training course

    Digi dog training [proven] strategies how to know the best online dog training course EVER you wonder how a dog understand HUMANS Language Dogs pick up on emotional cues in our speech they're also able to distinguish between meaningful words and gibberish different parts of the brain to...
  3. Dog Training, Dog Grooming GTA

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey everyone i thought i would share my experience with THE BEST Dog trainer in Ontario.. I have 2 Rottis and both have been through the training regime at this particular place.. My Female Rotti however at 15 months now has done some amazing things in the 5 months i have had and trained her...
  4. Dog training course in California.

    General Dog Forum
    Hey! I'm from Brazil and the dog training courses from here are all based in intimidation, confrontation, violence, reprimands or domination. My father lives in Redondo Beach, CA, and I'm thinking of spending a year with him and make a course there. Anyone know some good positive dog training...