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  1. dog trainer sponge ready to absorb so much

    Attention All New Members
    hello guys thank you for accepting me into your forum. I am a new dog training instructor that is working to build an independent business. I am ready to soak up so much knowledge from everyone and hopefully be able to get some of my long overdue questions answered. I am so excited to be here...
  2. Teaching dogs to know their toys by name

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi All: Recently I have been teaching my dog to learn his toys by name. I made a video of my Corgi fetching different Star Wars toys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5t7tnJMwr4 My dog is very good at fetching them all correctly when I go in the same order every time. But sometimes when I...
  3. Help on leash training!!!

    Attention All New Members
    I have a 1yr old Welsh Terrier. We got her at 6mos. She is a loving happy dog toward people and other dogs unless she's on a leash. It's horrible!!! She shrieks and barks at every dog, bird and sometimes people! I hold the leash tight so that there is no give on her harness. Otherwise she...
  4. Tips On How To Prepare Your Dog For Your New Baby

    Dog Training Forum
    Read this great article with tips on how to prepare your dog for the arrival of your new baby on.today.com/17CJZqu