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  1. Does anyone go to a local kennel club/obedience club/breed/etc

    Dog Training Forum
    So I'm going to try our local kennel club (fully expecting it may be a conformation only thing but looking forward to it anyways) and our obedience club. Am interested in the ESS club but since "local" means central OR to SW Washington, activities are spread out. Has anyone done anything like...
  2. Dock Dogs?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    I'm so incredibly interested in this sport. I would love being able to compete with my dog. The only problem is where I live there are very few places to train. The only officially affiliated location--to my knowledge--is about two hours away. I live in Henrico, VA. Anyone have any tips for...
  3. Treibball new herding game

    Dog Training Forum
    I was looking for a way to harness a city border collie sheep Herding ability I found this Treibball http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBJ9DVp9dyM how to teach Treibball http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFpH_WLC4qs&NR=1 I want to know if you think this will help I was like yes a way to uses those...
  4. Sunday Agility run thru pics

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    We went to an agility fundraiser for a local trainer who has been battling two types of cancer. Luckily, it sounds like she may have beaten both which is nothing short of amazing. So, Lars and I went to partake and show out support for Paulette. Lesley Mattuchio was there again taking photos and...
  5. Lars' AKC agility B match debut! Tons of pics!!!

    Dog Training Forum
    OMG, I have been a freaked out (in a good way) mess this morning over these pics Lesley Mattuchio, my friend and the show photog took for us. I can't believe these are my dog and me. These are on Facebook and a friend of mine said you can feel the energy has has in these pics. And you...
  6. July Agility training highlight reel

    Dog Training Forum
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWRkuzLiSOc We've been training a lot these past several of weeks, we've been chipping away at stuff and polishing. We've been doing class 3 - 4 times a week and short sessions in our backyard on those days with no class. Lars pretty much knows his job now and...
  7. What sport should I train my dog to compete in?

    General Dog Forum
    Hey guys, I have a 1 year old Australian shepherd, Whiskey. I was wanting to train her for a sport but I don't know which one might be good. I was thinking Flyball, Disc or Agility I'm also interested in any other sport you guys might know about. Whiskey is rather on the short and heavy side for...