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  1. Disc dog regionals is coming (video!)

    General Dog Forum
    Thought I'd share the promotional video for the NW disc dog regionals, coming up this weekend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0eB-T_Jdmo&feature=player_embedded Kit and I will be there, performing our freestyle routine for the first time in public (well, unless you count the local park)! I'm...
  2. Sunday Agility run thru pics

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    We went to an agility fundraiser for a local trainer who has been battling two types of cancer. Luckily, it sounds like she may have beaten both which is nothing short of amazing. So, Lars and I went to partake and show out support for Paulette. Lesley Mattuchio was there again taking photos and...
  3. I'm in a crafty mood and need some help

    General Dog Forum
    So I am making one of those little lable boxes that you see in winners pictures from dog shows. And I need input from the people here, what are the main lables i should make. My box will have three layers avaliable like this ________ ________ ________ I'm thinking I'll have the date on the...