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  1. Dog Walking & a few side questions

    General Dog Forum
    Here's some background: I've never owned a dog before, but I have dog-sat for friends & family-- mind you, they have small dogs, and I volunteered at the Humane Society for a couple years. So I consider myself fairly experienced with dogs. As a college student I don't deem it responsible to...
  2. Dog won't let sitter put leash on

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello. My sister is staying with me for the entire month of July, and she will be apartment and dog sitting for one week while I'm out of town. We decided to get the two of them used to each other for when I'm not here, starting with sister feeding and walking the dog. My dog has no problems...
  3. General puppy questions

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi :) We have a 3 1/2 month old pup. BTW, by my avatar which is a pic of "Buddy", what breed do you think he might be? Maybe a spaniel? 1. He is itching all the time. We took him to a groomer and she said he does not have fleas. The vet told us to treat him for fleas anyway, which we have...