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  1. Dog Pictures Forum
    Last weekend three big dog shows took place in Helsinki, Finland. Here's hundreds of photos from every day. There were dogs from over 330 breeds, so here's an opportunity to see some really rare individuals. These pictures are from breed rings, the photos from group finals are still edited and...
  2. Dog Sports/Show Forum
    I am new this year at doing 4H let alone a competition. I have an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix. Showing under Blue Heeler X. I am showing her under showmanship, obedience, agility, and jumpers. I know your suppose to wear something complementery. Something to blend in with your dog. I...
  3. Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Aside from DogSteps, this new book appears to be one of the best resources for the study of canine structure and movement out there right now. It has video clips of gaits, xrays, 3D displays of the muscles involved in various movement, etc. all recorded from 300 dogs from 32 different breeds...
  4. Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Hi all! I have a strange question. If the owner of a show dog has plastic surgery done on this dog, either for medical reasons or to "beautify," is that dog penalized or disqualified from the show ring? Can judges tell? Thanks!! - Kelly, Hudson and Falstaff
  5. Dog Pictures Forum
    Hello everyone :] Yesterday, I went the Monmouth Dog show in Freehold, NJ. A co-worker of mine was there showing her dog so I went there with my boss to cheer her on as well as see all the other dogs compete :]. I had a lot of fun seeing how this was the first dog show I have ever been to. It...
  6. Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Here are some ideas that are percolating in various committees at the moment (via an AKC delegate in one of the mailing lists I'm on): 1-- 4-6 month puppy competition before the classes start 2-- Owner-handler competition 3-- Reserve Best in Show 4-- Puppy and adult dog bred-by exhibitor...
  7. Dog Sports/Show Forum
    I was reading Dog News this morning, and saw at the back of the latest issue an ad by the ARC reminding judges that the breed is supposed to be docked and to not reward naturally-tailed dogs. Not to go into the whole docking debate again, but I was curious as to why they felt the need to buy a...
1-7 of 11 Results