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  1. No fence in yard, dog runs, potty areas, breeder requirements: Help me understand

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello all, I have done a few searches for this topic, and found nothing. So if there already are threads about this, feel free to direct me to them! In summary: We will be first-time adult dog owners (had dogs as a kid) and eventually want a smooth collie. We have been doing all of our...
  2. Hi, I'm new here and to dog parks...what is the norm?

    Attention All New Members
    I'm Jesse, I have an sweet, very energetic 10 month old mixed breed rescue named Ruben. We began taking him to a local dog park a few months ago and I found myself wondering why aren't there more ideal, convenient places to take our dogs? Someplace safe, fenced and grassy? Our choices are slim...
  3. Dog Run

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, I live in sunny southern CA. I have a Lab and a German Shepherd/Lab, so two bigger sized dogs. I have a 10x30 space on the side of the house that is dirt and that's where I leave the dogs when we're gone for extended periods. Does anyone have ideas for something less dirty and sanitary...
  4. How to stop my dog from becoming aggressive when humped?

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 8 year old male doberman. He was rescued when he was about 1. He is very sweet and tolerant dog and he LOVES the dog run and playing with other dogs. When he was younger, other males would hump him and he would just stand there and wait for them to stop. Over time, he was able to let...
  5. suddenly disliking dog run

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all, So our dog, Brie (almost 2 years old) has been doing great for quite a while, such that I've just been lurking on this site for some time now. However, recently she's been acting up with her dog run. It's along the side of the house, about 30' long but unfortunately only about 4.5'...
  6. Advise on dog runs? Which brand? Thinking about k9kennnelstore or Canine Castle runs?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I can't think of a better way to get advise other than a dog forum.* If you don't mind sharing I have just a few questions What size of dog run do I need? I have a 40 lb. dog What brand of dog run do you recommend? Welded Wire or Chain link (Pros and Cons for both but chain link is much...
  7. Group dog runs

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a puppy who during the day I have been bringing to my office and leaving her in her crate in the basement, so far its been going great. I let her potty on my breaks and lunch we go run around the trails that are near my office. Long story short, my boss wasn't super excited that I was...