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  1. Dog flap

    Dog Health Questions
    As recently as two days ago my dog would go in and out of her dog door anytime she felt necessary. However due to the antics of my 10 month neice, the dog door was locked whilst my dog was outside. as she attempted to return to the house she just rammed into the door. since this moment she...
  2. Dog Door Help!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey there! I've got a small puggle, Mac, who's been living with me for about 5.5 years now. Until last week, I FINALY got a great dog door, so I don't have to open the door for him every time he scratches the door, the signal he uses that he wants to come in or out. The dog door is a double...
  3. where can I get a dog door, the right shape for a tall hound?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello I wonder if anyone could advise me where to get a good quality dog door for a hound? There are large dog doors available but they are large squares (that a child could fit through) but still not that tall (I would ideally like something taller and thinner). I have an 11 mth Afghan/Pharaoh...