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dog attacks

  1. Aggressive Dogs/Dog Breeds-Your Opinions

    General Dog Forum
    People tend to keep quiet when it comes to the topic of aggressive dogs and aggressive dog breeds. Of course, this can be a touchy subject but I would love to hear people's views, opinions, and experiences within the subject. I go to a public dog park typically every other day. By definition, I...
  2. Greyhounds attacked my 4 monthes old Freddie !!

    General Dog Forum
    Any advice please ? My dad and I were jogging with my dog . When these 3 greyhounds came. Freddie being curious. Went up and sniffed the greyhound. The greyhounds thought freddie was some kind of rabbit thing and chased after her. I chased of the dogs but Freddie has a deep puncture on her...
  3. Two Dogs In Household- One Attacked The Other & Now She Won't Enter House.

    Dog Training Forum
    My dog Luna, a frenchie has had a rough year and a half. A year and a half ago I was in a traumatic accident and spent a month in the hospital. She was taken from our home (we lost it) and brought to my father's house. She had to adjust to cohabitating with two other dogs, Bubba and Bella whom...
  4. Our loving pit-lab puppy attacked a 5yr old child!

    General Dog Forum
    Hello all. We are completely new to this forum and have seen how responsive members have been to other's posts. My boyfriend and I hope we receive the same amount of responses with some well needed advice... Yesterday afternoon my boyfriend took our 7mnth old pit-lab terrier to the dog park...
  5. Dog attacks

    General Dog Forum
    I own a boxer who will be 5 in october, and have just recently bought a bullmastiff when she was 10 weeks of age. The bullmastiff is now 9 months old and the boxer has been showing some out of the norm behaviors. First off when I took them to a dog park he attacked a large lab, he didn't bite...