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  1. Dog Health Questions
    I have a foster that has allergies. The usual; itchy paws, itchy face, chronic ear infections. After trying a strict chicken and rice diet, we suspect she may be allergic to chicken. So now she's on a fish based diet for the last three weeks, and we have 5 more weeks to go before we can try...
  2. Dog Food Forum
    Hello! :) My best friend recently had an allergy test done on her almost two year old Black Mouth Curr, the results came back with 21 allergies. 8 of those allergies are beef, rice, sweet potatoes, kelp, brewers yeast, eggs, venison and corn. We have been searching the internet looking for dog...
  3. Dog Food Forum
    Does anyone have any opinions on feeding wild boar to your dog? I saw on the Natural Balance website that they just came out with a wild boar & brown rice formula in a can. Has anyone tried this yet? My dog is very sensitive to the most common dog food proteins (chicken and duck) and I am...
1-3 of 10 Results