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  1. Dog Carry Bags makes easy to take puppy with you

    Duke & Dutches are the most famous for Bag. They have many types of variety where you can select the Carry bag you wish to buy. Duke & Dutchess is a luxury canine couture brand creating sophisticated modern apparel and accessories for your pet. At that point, she decided that after years of...
  2. Should I go for online or a physical clinic for ESA Letter ?

    General Dog Forum
    I have a dog and my doctor suggested that I get him an esa letter as he helps with my anxiety. Should I go for an online or a physical clinic?
  3. new member

    Attention All New Members
    hi im jemaine i just joined
  4. Grateful New Member Here!

    Attention All New Members
    I'm a dog lover from Philippines. Currently, we have have 15 pure and mixed breeds (yikes!) at home. :wave: Wanted to join the forum as I wanted to enrich my knowledge about dogs - how to take care and train them (as my babies are growing in number LOL) and hoping to share some helpful...
  5. Aggression in Golden Retriever

    Doggy Training
    Our sweet 4yo Golden suddenly started attacking dogs last summer. She had previously been playful and friendly with every dog she encountered but our vet thinks her new aggression may have been triggered by having been attacked by my sister's two dogs when we visited her home. She's never bitten...
  6. hello pet lovers

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    hey, i'm a pet blogger and a vet too so i will be posting contents based on common pet issues. keep reading!!
  7. Not sure what to do

    General Dog Forum
    Hello! I'm from st George Utah. I have a great worry about my up stairs neighbors dog. This dog is locked on the balcony of this apartment all day long (6-7am to 6:30pm) the weather reacently has been in the high 90 - 100 or more and by next Monday it will be 111. My boyfriends and I worry is...
  8. Hello! Dog Mommy In Need of Help

    Attention All New Members
    Hello! I made an account to address some issues we are having with our male dog! My boyfriend and I have two dogs that he has raised since they were puppies. There is one male, Jaks (5 yr) and one female, Eva (6 yr). Two days ago we got a male, 9 week old kitten named Binx. Preface: Jaks, our...
  9. Good online place to shop for dog chews?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello guys, I am looking into getting my dog some dog chews such as pig ears, cow ears, bully sticks, and thing such as that, where is a good online shop to go where the prices are fair? While I may not buy everything in larger amounts, I would like a place that offers great deals for larger...
  10. Flea topical or flea collar? (ticks too)

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello guys :wave:, I was wondering what you all use in terms of flea (and tick) preventative and why. I've seen both the use of a collar and topical, I myself use a topical. What do you use?
  11. Dog won't poop in yard

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, I have a 9 year old yorkie, who always has had issues when it comes to house training, however, he does pretty well. He will have an accident, which is usually urine. He has no issues pooping and peeing outside in the morning when I leave him out. He has been recently going ot my...
  12. Chow Chow questions

    Attention All New Members
    Hello! I have always adored Chow Chows, but I never had enough space for any dog in my cramped California apartment! I have moved into a house and now im looking into adopting a Chow Chow!! :first: Anyways, I was wondering a few things 1.) My friend said Chows are considered dangerous and...
  13. New Shiba Inu Owner! What do you want from your dog?

    General Dog Forum
    Hey guys! I am new here! A little bit more than a month ago we got a Shiba Inu puppy! he is 5 months now, we called him Zeus. He is very hard-headed, but extremely smart. Potty training is going super fast... even though there are accidents here and there. We are new in the whole dog owning...
  14. How to keep my dog calm and relaxed at bonfire night or during fireworks?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone had problems to keep their pets calm on bonfire night when so many fireworks are used. My dog gets really stressed and it is hard to keep him calm and relaxed. I've tried many tips but I need to know more from people who have experienced this. I have surfed...
  15. Grooming Brushes which is best

    Dog Grooming Forum
    My dog is a mix breed with rottweiler hair every brush i used to groom her make her jump (she has tumors and cysts), what is the best type of brush to use?
  16. Dog biting/scratching and pulling his fur out

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog is biting and scratching and pulling his fur out. He has now got bald spots here and there on his rump where he has been biting, they bleed a little and sometimes there is a little puss/yellowish liquid. After a day it gets scabby, then he itches again. Took him to a vet, they said...
  17. Dog kept outside at all times :(

    Dog Rescue Forum
    I know a family, (my parents) who keep two dogs outside in a kennel at all times. They have a laborador pitbull mix hes quite big and a smaller poodle/mix mut. The littler dog comes in sometimes but the big dog has lived in a dog run no more than 200 sq ft his entire life since he has come to...
  18. Dog eats ALL toys and everything else

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a VERY active puppy (9 months) that is a lab/beagle mix. The problem is that he eats (and not just chews actually swallows) everything! I've tried every toy out there, kongs, bones, nyla-bones, etc and he destroys and eats them all in no time.He even eats his crate and any bedding we put...
  19. My Overly excited Greeter

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, I have a very smart and good dog (for the most part), but it seems like she has some Abandonment issues. Every time I leave the house for awhile she seems overly excited to see me. She jumps up and on me as if I was gone for years. How can I correct this problem? Thanks...
  20. stylishdogsncats.com

    General Dog Forum
    Check out the new website stylishdogsncats.com tell me if you like it