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  1. Resource Guarding

    Dog Training Forum
    Our doberman girl just turned 3 years old and she has gone through a couple of stages of resource guarding. It started with not bringing back or dropping a ball. We would offer treats in return but she would soon decide that wasn't worth it. She runs away and when we do catch her, she will...
  2. Help!! Unknown dog breed!!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! Almost 2 months ago I adopted a puppy from a shelter. Her breed was labeled as "Black and Tan Coonhound" but I honestly don't see it. Everyone thinks she's Doberman, and even a Rottweiler. But the thing is, she is 4.5 months old at only 20 pounds. I'm thinking she is he runt? There was no...
  3. Dobermans

    General Dog Forum
    So, I've always wanted a doberman, I think they are gorgeous dogs. Right now, though, I am happy sticking with my current rescues and not throwing down the cash for a pure breed. I am willing to pay money for animals though, I have some expensive lizards. Anyways, the rescue where I got my...
  4. Raw feeding 4mo. puppy

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello all!! This is my first post! >.< Looking for some advice from experienced raw feeders who have raised puppies on raw. I have a 4mo old Doberman that I have transitioned to a raw diet. My concerns are with ratios- bone to be exact. I currently feed mostly meat,bone,organ mixes by blue...
  5. Mom of 2 raw fed Dobes :)

    Attention All New Members
    Hi group! I joined to get some advice and guidance on feeding raw. I have a 4mo. old dobie bitch named Shiloh and a 3yr old dog named Ruger. I've never started a puppy this young on raw and struggling a bit with ratios. Hoping some of you with more experience can help me out! I would greatly...
  6. Puppy Doberman Dysplasia Treatment

    Dog Health Questions
    Dear Friends, I am writing to you from Turkey. We have a male 7 months old - Doberman puppy. Zeus is so friendly and an active dog. We have a walk everyday (nearly 6 km) and he is playing with his friends regularly. During the infancy, his diet is based on dry food, Proplan (lamb & rice) and...
  7. I'm new to picking the right dog!

    Attention All New Members
    It will have plenty of exercise, space, and love. I prefer a larger dog with plenty of intelligence and obedience through training repetitions. I would rather not have a dog that sheds a whole lot. My pick so far is the doberman pinscher but I wanted y'all's input on pros and cons and if there's...
  8. Introducing 6-month old Doberman to 3 small dogs

    General Dog Forum
    A few days ago, we brought home a 6-month-old female Doberman into our house with 3 small dogs. We have two four-year-old yorkies, one male and one female, and one 2-year-old yorkie-pomeranean. We are having major issues getting along. The Doberman is very playful and active and is scaring the...
  9. Underweight Doberman

    Dog Food Forum
    I have had a Doberman since he was 8 weeks old he turned 2 in August however he is only 65 pounds & the vet says he should weigh 100-110 hes a beautiful dog shiny coat & eats like a horse I feed him Beneful healthy weight so what should I change it to or what kind of people food should I add...
  10. New dog barking at me

    General Dog Forum
    Me and my girlfriend got a purebred doberman pinscher today that is 5 years old. She has been bred once and has a docked tail. The guy we got it from said he was a breeder but we just realized where we saw the ad for the dog pinscher was misspelled three times, so we think it may mean hes lying...
  11. Will a Doberman and Pit Bull get along?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My boyfriend has a pit bull that's about two years old, I just got a doberman puppy and we're going to be moving in together, once I finish packing anyway. (Don't ask why I didn't wait to get the doberman until we moved in together when I'm getting ready to move, he was free and the lady...
  12. Hello!

    Attention All New Members
    Some pictures of my current girls... PH and Princess. :wave: PH on the left here: PH to the left of her sister here: I have been working with these girls since they were puny... (PH on left) It is very rare that I do not work with both girls at the same time. I have found that dogs CAN...
  13. Dog health question!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, i have a question about a dog I had that recently passed, its been very tough on me and the family. I have so many questions because this came as such a shock for me. If anyone has any ideas that would help me to understanding anything that could have happened to cause this, it would be...
  14. Short video of my dobie and borzoi playing

    Dog Pictures Forum
    They're a good match for each other! And play hard. :laugh:
  15. My Doberman searches a cactus for lizards... lmao

    Dog Pictures Forum
  16. My dream is becomeing a reality! (happy rant)

    General Dog Forum
    OK since I am new here, y'all must be thinking "oh no not another wacko." I promise I'm not. So any way, I've always known that I wanted to do some thing with animals, preferable Dogs or Horses. Since the horse market is in the toilet I gave up on that. I am now going to be a Dog Groomer...
  17. My new puppy <3

    Dog Pictures Forum
    My new puppy <3 - Continuous Photodump I love looking at people's pictures and finally have a chance to add some of my own! After years of research and waiting I finally got to meet and take my puppy home last week. I named him Dreizehn after a doberman from a story that I read when I was...
  18. Need opinions on this skin condition!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello from Canada! This is my first post on this forum, i have been to two other dog forums, but was bashed for my choice of how to get a dog so i never got true opinions or experiences from them :( So here is a quick sum of how I got my lovely dog Chase, please read everything before...
  19. My Doberman's Visit to the Museum

    Dog Pictures Forum
    She amuses me with her indifference. :rolleyes:
  20. My German Shepherd and Doberman playing!

    Dog Pictures Forum