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  1. My pug puppy lived through distemper. There is still hope.

    Dog Health Questions
    I am posting this because when I was looking for hope on the internet less than a month ago, there was very little to be found. If you are searching for answers because your fur child has been diagnosed with canine distemper, I am not a veterinarian so this is only my experience, but I am here...
  2. Dog has "dents" in gums?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, I have a 3-month-old dog who contracted a case of distemper. It looks like she got it shortly before she got vaccinated so the vaccine covered up most of the initial symptoms, and we didn't realize she was sick until she started having seizures. Right now I have her on medicine for...
  3. New Member Looking for Advice

    Attention All New Members
    Hi all, I recently filled out an adoption application for a dog who has had distemper and has a small tick. She is a 2 year old dachshund mix weighing 10 lbs. She had 8 puppies but they all passed away after catching distemper. She survived but now she has a tick due to the neurological damage...
  4. Is it time to let go? Puppy with Distemper Virus.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hey everyone. So we have been struggling to help our little Claire-Bear fight distemper for a couple of weeks now. I'm going to describe the situation we are in now and basically I want to know what you would do in our shoes; put her to sleep or keep trying. We're really torn at what the right...
  5. Need help with parvo/distemper

    Attention All New Members
    My lab pup came to us at 5 weeks of age. Someone gifted us the pup so we couldn't check background or return the pup as she was too young. Since she came she had diarrhea, we went to 3 different vets who couldn't diagnose anything. Last vet diagnosed her with parvo or/and distemper 5 days back...
  6. When is it Time to Visit the Vet?

    Dog Health Questions
    I apologize for needing advice again so soon but (and this is an important disclaimer to the whole post): I tend to over-worry! SHORT FORM: we called the vet with the following symptoms: nose-blowing, intermittent coughing, and some vomiting. The vet gave us meds. We then discovered the...
  7. Distemper--is there anything left I can do?

    Dog Health Questions
    Good Evening! I am coming to this forum for support, opinions and helpful tips/tricks. Three days ago I found my 3 month old puppy foaming at the mouth, he was still alert and able to move, no big deal--figured he had played too hard with my other pup. Then this happened the next day but he was...
  8. Loosing Chloe to distemper

    Dog Health Questions
    I purchased Chloe, a five month old 4 pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy advertised on puppyfind.com website from "enchanted babies by lisa" an online breeder in Indiana (enchantedbabies.com). The puppy was shipped to me with a cough. When cleaning out the carrier I found a syringe of...