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  1. is this a hot spot or a head injury ? very urgent please

    Dog Health Questions
    2 days ago i found a wound on the top of my dog's head, i thought he maybe stuck his head on something or he may have passed by a sharp object in the garage so i locked the garage or maybe the neighbor's annoying kid threw a rock or smth at him, anyway i called the vet to ask her what to do so...
  2. Incidence is more important than number of diseases in a breed

    General Dog Forum
    I have been reading online about different dog breeds and genetic diseases. Afterwards I began checking several forums to see what people are saying about breed diseases. I noticed on several forums if a mentioned breed have been known to have several diseases there seems to be an automatic...
  3. Histiocytic Disease..... What?!?

    Dog Health Questions
    So took my dog into the vet today after a long stint of about 3/4 months of on/off again eating.. Some of issues we been having is the following 1. Loss of food drive (Will eat treats/other foods no issue) 2. Cough/Gag (Just started this past few weeks not more than once/twice a day Took my...
  4. Pemphigus

    Dog Health Questions
    My 4 year old husky/shepherd/collie mix has recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called pemphigus. It's a skin condition that affects the bridge of his nose, nostrils, the skin around his eyes and his ears. The skin in these areas forms a crust that is white to yellowish/green in...
  5. my dog wont eat and is lethargic all the time.

    General Dog Forum
    i have an 11 month old akita, who went into be spayed on the 6/7/12, we have had all sorts of trouble with her after the spay. but by the 5th day she seemed to be alot happier and healthier, but by friday (13/7/12) she took a turn for the worst, she wouldnt eat, was very lethargic and it got to...
  6. Anyone have a dog with LUMBOSACRAL syndrome?

    Dog Health Questions
    I just recently found out that my dog has this condition and was wondering if anyone has a dog with the same condition, that could provide some insight/recommendations? I was also wondering if anyone has had a case where the dog lived a long happy life and did not require surgery?
  7. My Old Girl

    General Dog Forum
    So I have been having some heart break with my 13/14 y/o german shepherd/husky mix. She is beyond her life expectancy and I'm not sure how to handle it all. This is the first dog I ever had, she has been there watching me grow up. I know she will go sooner or later and it just kills me. I can't...