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  1. Hi! First time dog owner--service dog issues

    Attention All New Members
    I was lucky enough to get Enzo about a year ago. He's great, but has had an adjustment from a rural/outdoor life to an urban/indoor life. He's a comfort animal (I am on disability for agoraphobia/panic attacks/bipolar), and is great that way. Very high energy, bad separation anxiety, a few...
  2. Hello From Wordsdog

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, everyone. :wave: I've lived with cats my entire life. However, after volunteering at my local shelter, I've fallen in love with dogs over the last year. When I move into a new apartment in the next few months, I'll be adopting my first dog. I'm seeking help from dog owners due to the...
  3. Paralyzed homeless dog got wheelchair and new owner

    General Dog Forum
    重慶「堅強狗」三三坐起輪椅談戀愛 Description was post by an animal lover on a Chinese online forum. This homeless dog's name is Sansan, a commonly-seen Chinese nickname for a third kid in a Chinese family. Last year he was hit by an SUV in front of Zeng Yin's liquor/snack store. His spinal cord was badly...