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  1. Rosco vs The Sand Monster

    General Dog Forum
    I am so mad that my camera died today! Rosco set foot on sand for the first time today and it was one of the funniest things I have seen all week. We took advantage of the nice weather and went for a short hike near the house. As soon as he put his front paw in the sandy dirt, he went nuts! He...
  2. adopted pound puppy is filthy, cannot bathe, can i shave?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Good morning, all! I have a question, which I cannot seem to find info for online and would appreciate any advice/suggestions! I brought a mini schnoodle home from the pound two days ago, and she is a perfect fit for the family, except she is filthy! Her hair is long and wavy and slightly...
  3. Puppy Suddenly Stops Using Potty Pad

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I recently bought a Shiba Inu. I am gone most of the day, so I've been hesitant to crate train. As an alternative, I've been keeping her in my bathroom (which is a good size) with a grass potty pad. She used it for about a week. Recently, she stopped. She refuses to poop on it (but will go...