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  1. Meet Marley: Amazing Service Dog With Severe Food Allergies

    The Honest Kitchen
    This story is a featured post on our blog taken from one of our amazing True Stories- customer testimonials on how food helped heal their pet. Cindy was living with PTSD from a range of terrifying experiences. She began researching service dogs to help with her disorder and set out to find a...
  2. Puppy throwing up bile and food

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello fellow dog lovers, This morning at around 3:30 a.m., my 5 month old puppy woke up and vomited some bile. It had some foam in it, and I've heard that foamy bile might signify hunger, so I cleaned it up and went back to sleep. When we got up a few hours later to start the day, I brought...
  3. What's the fuss about grain free?

    Dog Food Forum
    When I go shopping for dogfood I see more and more bags, usually $10 more for the big bag, that advertise being grain free. My science reading tells me that they've found domestic dogs are endowed with the enzymes required to digest starch .. . I have seen various rice > wheat > corn studies...
  4. Royal Canin Mini Junior... thoughts? Is it good enough quality?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi guys! I got a new frenchie puppy who was being fed on Royal Canin Mini Junior so I carried that on. However her stools are very soft and loose as well as quite light in colour, she goes very often (she once went 5 times before lunch time) and she farts... ALOT! Ive kept her diet the same...
  5. Dog licking fur & vomiting

    Dog Health Questions
    My one-year-old beagle mix (Fonzie) has a habit of licking his fur incessantly, and then vomiting a clear yellow liquid filled with fur. I know that dogs will often eat things that they know will upset their stomachs (ie: grass) to induce vomiting if they don't feel well, so we have tried to...
  6. Best In The Market - Our Patented Manufacturing Procedures

    Hi All DogForum Members, finally, a brief overview of our manufacturing process which outlines why HiPet is the best mushroom beta glucan supplements for your dog with our patented technology. Step 1. Establish & Maintain the Medicinal Mushroom Cultures The first step to manufacture our...
  7. Swallowed Chicken Bones

    Dog Health Questions
    During the night sometime my dog got a hold of some chicken bones and remains of a chicken we cooked last night. We aren't quite sure how, but we need help now. He kept waking us up in the middle of the night to be let out 3 times, when normally it is only one time per night to go to the...
  8. CET Dental Chews - Ok to swallow?

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm still having a devil of a time brushing my girl's teeth (and I'm starting to get jealous of her three-headed toothbrush...), so I got a bag of CET Dental chews while I work on my technique. Imagine my surprise when, after chewing it down a while, she swallowed the remaining bit (maybe 1/3...