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  1. General Dog Forum
    I just want to share my taught about dogs. This can be seen as a debate, after you read this you can share your taughts about this thread. Why humans messed up an entire species. I: Selective breeding: Since the domestication of the wolf, people tried to create dogs to fit their needs using...
  2. Dog Health Questions
    Luna, a Texas Heeler, is going to be a year old in May. She's not fat by any means, but she is becoming a very solid girl. Obviously, she is half-heeler, so this is to be expected, but I've been doing some research on what kind of diet she should be on and there's just so many different ideas...
  3. Attention All New Members
    Hello all, So my gorgeous (Apologize for the bias in advance) one-year old medium goldendoodle Leia is in desperate need. She is about 32 pounds and needs to be 25-28. I am at an absolute loss as to what to really feed her. After combing through this fantastic forum, I have decided to settle...
1-3 of 5 Results