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diet change

  1. Diet Change And Question about Stool Change

    Dog Health Questions
    When I got my golden doodle puppy this past Friday, he pooped in the car and it was a brown, soft stool. His breeders were giving him food called 4Health, but since the store that carries that brand isn't near us, we bought Wellness Complete Health Puppy. The breeders gave us a little bit of his...
  2. StarWars Rebel Dog in desperate need of food advice/help :0

    Attention All New Members
    Hello all, So my gorgeous (Apologize for the bias in advance) one-year old medium goldendoodle Leia is in desperate need. She is about 32 pounds and needs to be 25-28. I am at an absolute loss as to what to really feed her. After combing through this fantastic forum, I have decided to settle...
  3. Problems with feeding raw

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello! I'm very new here, and I wanted to write about an experience I had recently and I also wanted to ask you for some tips. I read all the good stuff about raw diets, and I kind of rushed into it with my dog (a mixed breed rescued from the local shelter). He has almost 30 kg (26,7kg) and is...
  4. Gadget won't eat.

    Dog Food Forum
    So for some background on Gadget refer to this forum: http://www.dogforums.com/13-dog-health-questions/37979-gadget-has-generalized-demodectic.html Anyway about two days ago Gadget has stopped eating. I rarely give him human food, and on the rare case's that I do, I always make sure that I...