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  1. Puppy Food Change Help?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So i got my little Griffin about 3-4 weeks ago now(Hes currently 14 weeks old) He was on a food called Burges when i got him (soaked aswell), so ive obviously kept him on it but with the intent that i would change his food. Now before getting him without the assumption the breeder was going to...
  2. Tiny little rescue - what to feed?

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Hi all, We adopted a tiny little Jack RussellxDaschund on Monday from a shelter who has had a rough time. She came in at about 7 weeks, She was vaccinated when she came in but both her brothers died of parvovirus and she likely had a mild case. She was then adopted by a family who fed her table...
  3. HELP: Dog is eating its DIARHEEA!!!??

    General Dog Forum
    My German Shepherd keeps on having chronic diaeheea and hes eating it! We first thought it was a food allergies, so we gave him other food (I cook him rice and we mix it with wet gluten free dog food) Then we took him to the vet and he said it was parasites (he had a poop sample) So he gave him...