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destructive behavior

  1. Leaving 2 dogs alone together

    Dog Training Forum
    I have had my 2.5 yr old lab mix teddy since he was a puppy. He is very high energy and I had problems with him being destructive about a year ago. It was solved by giving him more activity to burn off all his extra energy. He started doing really well being left alone until 6 months ago when i...
  2. Issues housbreaking and destructive behavior

    Dog Training Forum
    We just adopted a 1.5/2 year (best guess) pup from a rescue group. He's a Staffordshire Terrier/German Shepard mix (best guess). We've only had him for a week and I expected behavior issues, just looking for advice to see if I can speed things up. Every time we leave the house, whether it's...
  3. Destructive Behavior in Crate

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello. I'm asking about my Lab/weim mix today. Need some insight, as I've never had this issue before. Both my lab mixes spend time in their crate. I do let them out to exercise and play, and/or be in the house with us. They are still puppies, though, so it depends on the day and how...
  4. I REALLY need help!! Please.

    General Dog Forum
    We have a dog that chews everything and poops everywhere... She won't listen to us and won't go to the bathroom outside and is growling at our daughter. We don't want her anymore but it's a weekend and all of the pounds are closed. What can we do? She can't stay here another night.
  5. Tearing up the Carpet

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I am a first time dog owner. I have a 7mo old Chorkie. He has been digging at our carpet to the point of leaving small holes. At first it was only one spot. Despite the spot being in the center of a room, we kept it covered and the problem seemed solved. Now, however, he has chosen several...
  6. HELP!!! Separation Anxiety?

    Dog Training Forum
    My boyfriend and I rescued a pit bull mix from a shelter 4 days ago. She is great when we are home, she's learning to trust us and is doing great with potty training. I left her for about an 1 and she did fine (but she was sleepy from being spayed). Last night, we left her for 3 hours and she...
  7. dog gone absurd after weekend away

    Dog Training Forum
    :eek:I had the best lab puppy he is now 8moths old BEFORE i went away for a weekend and left him @ my moms.... she has her own dog and echo (our puppy/dog) is always happy and excited to see her and her husky.... the dogs both get along .. now when I leave i come back to the dog rampaging the...
  8. Anyone have experience with a trained dog having outbursts?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey Y'all, Glad to have found this site and I hope that someone is able to give me some advice. Shea’s Background: My fiancé and I have a 2+ year old mixed breed pound puppy. Shea is part miniature pincher (not her dominant characteristic) and we speculate that she has contingents of...