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  1. Growing dog aggression, ball/play obsession, compulsive behaviors driving us crazy!

    General Dog Forum
    Please help us! Our obsessive dog is becoming more anxious and aggressive towards other animals and people. My wife (originally her dog) and I have a 6 year old pit mix. Since I've know my wife (he's her dog), he has this obsessive need to play fetch ALL OF THE TIME. And his obsession has gotten...
  2. Hello!

    Attention All New Members
    I'm Shana and my wife and I have a 6 year old pitbull. We are in desperate need of some advice regarding his aggressive, obsessive and compulsive behavior. Our obsessive dog is becoming more anxious and aggressive towards other animals and people. My wife (originally her dog) and I have a 6...
  3. I really need help to cope with my little dog's death

    Pet Memorial Forum
    Hello, My name is Vicente Sánchez and I am here because my beautiful little dog died last January 9 and I have been feeling terrible. I have had many ups and downs. In the first days, the depression was terrible. I felt lost and I wanted to die. I couldn't see a way out of this situation. Then...
  4. Heidi's depression? Help!

    General Dog Forum
    So Heidi, my grandparents eleven year old dog - has fallen in love (friendship-wise) with a 1 year-old Pekingese named Princess Princess lives next door to my grandma & grandpa and she and Heidi touch noses across the fence ever so often and when Princess leaves Heidi whines! When I first heard...
  5. Can depression/stress cause a dog to be sick?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all, I got some great replies last week when I had a sick dog and am hoping you can help me out with this question too. We have a husky that is probably 9 years old. My husband got her from a husky rescue before we met, and she was severely abused. She has never gotten over whatever abuse...
  6. Old dog blue because of new puppy

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm new here, and I know there are other threads similar to this, but my situation is a bit different from others I've seen - sorry if this is just a repeat of a question asked over and over! For about a year and a half my husband and I have had a wonderful little yorkie named...
  7. Is my dog depressed?

    Dog Health Questions
    I first got my australian shepard/entle in september from a foster family and he has been living with me at my house while at school. This past weekend I took him home to see the house where he will be staying during breaks and permanetly starting in May. However, while at home he seemed to be...
  8. Lethargic JRT

    Dog Health Questions
    Please delete
  9. toy poodle really depressed after neutering

    Dog Health Questions
    We have two toy poodles Mica (male) and Sadie (female). We raised Mica since he was 8weeks old, he is now 1, he is extremely active and playful, the most lovable creature. Sadie was adopted by us about 2 weeks ago, she is almost 2, had 1 litter before we got her; she doesn't like to play, but...
  10. Depression/Very Emotional after new puppy

    Attention All New Members
    I recently got a brand new shih tzu puppy over 2 weeks ago. I Love him to death and never in my mind think I made a mistake getting a dog. I love the breed and have grown up with them all my life. I have been wanting a puppy for a very long time and right now was the perfect time as I have a...