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  1. Is my dog depressed?

    Dog Health Questions
    So, I'll try not to give my dog's entire life story here but I feel like I need to provide backstory or something. So, bear with me. My dog has seemed rather depressed in the last few months. She just turned 4 years old and I heard that is around the age that dogs begin to mellow out and...
  2. I'm being ignored by my dog!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi Guys, I have 2 staffie boys, one is cross lab. They are 1 year 3 months and 1 year old. They are/were the best of friends. Friday, we had the younger one neutered (Cross lab) and all was fine, apart from a little hesitnce from the older pure staf. Saturday, we visited friends and kept their...
  3. 7 year old Papillion losing weight, not eating, throwing up

    Dog Health Questions
    We rescued our papillion Radar 5 years ago and he's a total sweetheart, loves people, total cuddlebug. My dad is his person and he has an invisible five-foot leash on him. This has been progressing slowly, not enough for us to notice til now, as he was once pretty hefty. But he's not eating...
  4. Just had my girl spayed and she seems depressed and wont come to me

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all I have a gorgeous little powderpuff maltese cross girl, 18 months old, and she's just been spayed on Tuesday (5 days ago) The first two days she was like a zombie; couldn't move or walk and was struggling with her cone collar. Since then she has improved a lot and I have taken her...