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deer antlers

  1. Flexible is key when teaching your pup a new trick!!

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    Attentiveness is the first step to teaching a trick Nobody gets it right the first time. Try, Try, again Forward maybe? I think I can! I think I can! Joe is not a quitter!!
  2. What breed is this?

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    FIrst person to guess what "breed" this is--will win a deer antler for their pup.
  3. Bail Out??? I don't think so.....!!!

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  4. Hi

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    My husband, just a regular Joe, Cole, my 12 year old son, and I live with a Parson's terrier, Schipperke, and Beagle in Chicago. Once upon a time long long ago I was on the dog show circuit with my Doberman, and I showed my Chihuahua in obedience earning a CDX title on her. These days I...
  5. Born to Ride

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    Rascal, my Parson's terrier is so true to her breeding and loves everything to do with horse's. All she wants for Christmas is a pony, rat, and deer antler. I think in that order.