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  1. Puppy may have Separation Anxiety - Need Help!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, I've got an almost 4 month old Cavalier puppy. During the first month and a half we've had him, I've made sure there is someone around him at most times. This is mainly so he can go outside when he needs to, and get plenty of time to play! Now I'm worried I've gotten him too attached...
  2. Learning to socialize with other dogs

    Dog Training Forum
    I'm on kind of a roll with the questions at the moment. :) Naima (5 (?) months--possible Pit mix, although VERY small and fine-boned) lives with me on a quiet street where a few other dogs live; they're all quite large, and a couple are a bit aggressive. She's also in a Petsmart puppy class, so...
  3. Is Keeping my Doggie a Selfish Decision? Or Would Giving Him Away be Selfish?

    General Dog Forum
    I already posted here under introductions, because I felt overwhelmed by the third dog in my life. My husband and I got him two and a half months ago, and he's still a puppy. We moved from Manhattan to Wisconsin this summer, and since we wanted a dog in NY, but couldn't afford it, nor had the...
  4. 6 mo. puppy fearful at doggy daycare

    General Dog Forum
    Yesterday we tried 1/2 day at doggy daycare- thinking it would wear him out & give me a calmer evening. I could see him on the web cam, and he looked happy, but awhile later, they had him quarantined. He was in a see through cage in the room so he could get used to the other dogs, but the...
  5. Semiweekly Doggie Daycare vs Daily Dog Walker

    General Dog Forum
    When we adopted our Pomeranian mix in January, my live-in boyfriend and I were both working full-time, he at an office that allowed dogs. In June he got laid off, so he's been home every day since then. We think he's near an offer (yay!), but it's not at a dog-friendly office, and we know the...
  6. Doggy Daycare and Boarding

    General Dog Forum
    I'm starting a cage-free dog daycare & boarding business in L.A. soon. For anyone who lives in a metro area and uses cage-free daycare or boarding: 1) Is it on your normal route or do you go out of the way? 2) If it's out of the way, how far out of the way is it (distance and drive time)? 3)...