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  1. Full time work and puppies

    Attention All New Members
    Hello all, I cant seem to post a new thread so I will do it here :) I work full time but am a teacher. I have a courtyard home and the fence is high and secure. I have always lived with dogs until purchasing this place and now it is just me and my cat who really likes dogs (but not other cats)...
  2. Multi-problem 1-year-old Wheaten!

    Dog Training Forum
    Sprocket is a Wheaten Terrier that just turned 1 year old. Sprocket…is nuts. I work really long hours (I had to change jobs pretty much immediately after I got him, so this wasn’t planned) and this has resulted in several problems: 1) I can’t possibly exercise him as much as he needs. 2X a week...
  3. Doggy Daycare and Boarding

    General Dog Forum
    I'm starting a cage-free dog daycare & boarding business in L.A. soon. For anyone who lives in a metro area and uses cage-free daycare or boarding: 1) Is it on your normal route or do you go out of the way? 2) If it's out of the way, how far out of the way is it (distance and drive time)? 3)...
  4. Why does my dog bark at only one person?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, My 6 month old lab / shepherd puppy met his new doggy nanny this morning and I am not sure what to make of it and would like your opinion. I met this woman on the street in my neighborhood during my walk with the puppy and she gave me her business card as she is an independent dog...
  5. PetSmart Doggie Day Care Evaluation?

    General Dog Forum
    So a situation has arisen where we have a last-minute need to put our pup Pixel somewhere for the day (tomorrow!), and I'm looking at day camps. The one that makes the most sense (it's on our way and has the right hours) is PetSmart's and they have an evaluation process. I just want to know how...
  6. Doggie daycare

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, i'm new to this site, so apologize if this has been posted before. I'm a new puppy owner, we just adopted a 2 months old puppy about a month ago. He is adorable but a handful. He just got his rabies shots and finally can now be around other dogs. I want to start putting him in daycare...