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  1. Hello There

    Attention All New Members
    Hello. I've just joined. I love animals. At the beginning of this month I rescued an adorable senior Dalmatian and I adore her. No more pets at the moment. Besides loving pets I also love music, writing, Doctor Who, and drawing. I also am a freelance Illustrator. I draw pets for other people. I...
  2. What Breed do you think she is?

    General Dog Forum
    we got her about a week ago, and I'm all ways trying to guess her mix. The shelter said she was Dalmatian/Austrian Shepherd, I don't really believe. But I did see a Dalmatian in person when we took her to Petsmart, and they have the same head. She is lazy, but when she wants to go she will spark...
  3. Urinary Issues

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi Folks, I'm hoping some people may be able to help or have had experience of the same problems. Jester, our 13 yr old Dalmatian started just over a fortnight ago to have urinary flow problems. At that point he presented with having trouble squeezing down to urinate (he's a push down kinda...
  4. Help! Just got a six week old DEAF puppy and have MANY questions!!!!

    General Dog Forum
    Yesterday bought a six week old dalmatian puppy and named her Disney. We got her on our last day of vacation and brought her home with us. I have a home with a full grown Aussie/Border Collie mix who is friendly with puppies and other dogs, I also have two cats who are also friendly. I realize...
  5. dalmatian and..?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    i'm trying to figure out what our dog is. personality-wise, she's your typical dalmatian. very energetic, protective, intelligent, and loyal. i was told she was dalmatian and whippet, but she is quite large and i'm wondering if it may be greyhound rather than whippet. she is taller than any...