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crazy dog

  1. Barking obsessively at friend/ future roommate

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hey, I just adopted a manchester terrier beagle mix about two weeks ago. He has been okay most of the time but he barks obsessively. The only time he would bark before is for attention, but today my friend came over and Tidus (the dog) just started to bark at her. He was fine when he met her...
  2. Video of my dog Charlie showing off his footwork

    Dog Pictures Forum
  3. Training a lively labrador!

    Dog Training Forum
    My dog Marley is one big nightmare XD He is always full of energy. If you go out to him he jumps all over you for 10 minutes! He is 1. When we got him at 8 weeks old I taught him to sit, stay lie down etc. He learned sit in 2 days. I used the clicker training with him. Anyways he has forgotten...
  4. new play time pics and trick shots!! (pic heavy) (continued)

    Dog Pictures Forum
    (rummage rummage) "man i know i put it under here before nom nom time???!!!" Action!! he couldn't find it.. poor ADD puppy "oh yea, i seen it the whole time now turn that thing off momz!!!" The end, thanks for looking!!!!!