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crate soiling

  1. Crate Troubles

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    So, this is my second post (yay!) and so far I've had my little angel (if you could call him that) for about 2 and a half months or so, maybe a bit less. He's been a good little puppy at 4-and-a-bit months, and he is really getting used to potty training outside but still a few accidents here...
  2. Is it Anxiety or is it Disease??? PLEASE HELP! (6 mo Pit Mix)

    Dog Training Forum
    My 6 mo pit mix Bambi, whom I adopted from a shelter three days ago (and before y’all start YES I know that dogs typically don’t show their true colors until a few weeks after you adopt them) has been an absolute darling when it is just my roommate and me. She is housetrained (If I don’t take...