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crate pooping

  1. Crate accidents

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, We just adopted Tatsu. A WONDERFUL bulldog/pit mix from the SPCA. He is about 5 years old and came in as a stray. We have a cocker and pug. All three get along magically. They are quick best friends and have such a wonderful time together. They enjoy the huge back yard and we all take...
  2. My puppy thinks his crate is the bathroom.

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello. I have potty trained numerous dogs in my day. (4 labs and a mini pin) My boyfriend and I have gotten a sweet little baby bulldog pup recently (Bruno, 12 wks old today!) And I'm embarrassed to say I'm having a little trouble potty training with him.. When he was about 8 wks old, he had...
  3. Separation Anxiety??

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello everyone! My name is Melanie. 1 month ago I finally talked my fiance into letting me get a puppy. My little mini dachshund is now a little over 3 months old (14 weeks) and I am running out of ideas on how to help with his anxiety (if that is what it is). I am out of school for the summer...
  4. Newly Adopted Adult Dog Soiling Crate

    Dog Training Forum
    We adopted a 14-month old Shar-pei/Pug mix 3 weeks ago. Roscoe is wonderful, but we have been having issues with housetraining him. It seems he may have never been properly housetrained before. We have been crating him when we are at work. My husband would come home at lunch to walk him...
  5. Puppy pooping in her crate

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    We have had our new puppy for two weeks, she is now almost 3 months old. In the two weeks we have had her she has pooped three times in her crate - always at night. All three times, she had been up and out of her crate within 2 hours of pooping, but had only peed. All three times it was...