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coyote mix

  1. is my rescue a coydog???

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Hi! I’m new to this but I’m hoping someone on here can help me.. about 6 months ago I rescued a dog but he doesn’t really act like a dog.. or sound like a dog.. or smell like a dog. He’s very affectionate to me but isn’t fond of strangers or cats.. I have 2 others that he gets along with great...
  2. Hello from Reno, Nevada!

    Attention All New Members
    I am the proud owner of a Saluki/Coyote. "Coydog?" I found this site by searching for her bloodline. I may have found her family bloodline in Austin?! Very excited. We've had our baby since March 2011, she was 3 months old when we adopted her (her brother was adopted the same day by another...
  3. Is she a coydog?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello all, first off, I'm new to these forums, but came across them while doing research on our dog. We got here about 7 months ago (she's 1 yr and 3 months now). From the adoption agency, we were told border collie/possible BC mix. I knew that wolf-dog hybrids existed, and after doing some...
  4. Should I take this Seriously? Wolf/Coyote Hybrid?

    General Dog Forum
    Okay. I know this is a controversial topic but I have been going back and forth with this idea of people suggesting to me that Bella might have a little "something something" in her. Most recently is my trainer. She said that she had two dogs in the past that were very high wolf content and that...
  5. Hola!!!!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi all, my name is Toriana and I am here to meet other furkid parents and possibly learn more about my beloved Simone, if anyone can offer any insight. Thanks!!!! By chance, does anyone feel that my big dog is possibly a coyote mix? She rarely barks and she use to howl as a pup.She hunts, yet is...