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  1. Puppy Cough

    Dog Health Questions
    Kato, our new puppy, is 5 months old that came from a foster home with other pets. This morning, around 5 AM, I was woken up to him coughing / gagging in his crate. I took him out because I thought he was going to vomit and brought him downstairs. He coughed/gagged a few more times and it...
  2. Puppy Pneumonia - PLEASE HELP

    Dog Health Questions
    Last Thursday, December 29th, I adopted a 10 week old puppy from a humane shelter. The next day I noticed some sneezing but she was eating, drinking, and playing just fine. That following Monday morning, she woke me up with a goose-like honking cough - OF COURSE worried dog mommy freaks out and...
  3. Possibly Kennel Cough? Please help!

    Dog Health Questions
    We suspect Claus has kennel cough. We just recently adopted him. He's 8 weeks old. He does this raspy, wheeze-like cough followed by a hacking. It looks like he's about to vomit but nothing comes up. It mainly happens when he's running around and playing, or trying to bark and it comes along...
  4. Acid Reflux

    General Dog Forum
    So I thought I would share what I found out. Just in case others go through this with there dog. I have had my puppy for 7 months now. He has thrown up yellow bile at least once a week and he does a fast quick dry hack at least once a day or twice a day. Burps and gets bloated stomach. the vet...
  5. Dog Coughing/Choking

    Dog Health Questions
    I've read a bit about kennel cough and the like and this doesn't seem to be exactly it. I don't know exactly what causes it since it can be mostly random. She looks like she gets a bit scared every time and if we lift her lips as she does it we think she can get a little bit of air in. Can you...
  6. New puppy mom!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, everyone! My name is Alex and I am the new mommy of a beautiful rescue! Her name is Annie and she is an eight week old Beagle pup! I am very happy with her as I think she is with me. Quick question, though: Annie wakes me up in the middle of the night with hacking. She doesn't do it during...
  7. Hi from Oscar's mom in Georgia

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I am new here from Georgia. I am reaching out because my little chihuahua type dog Oscar is chronically ill. I am having trouble dealing with it, in part because I am chronically ill. The poor guy hasn't been himself since he was neutered at age 5 or so. He got some kind of horrible skin...
  8. Doberman constantly coughing

    Dog Health Questions
    Hey guys, we just got our doberman back from the vet, we had her spayed. Now she is always coughing/making retching sounds and sometimes hacking up white phlegm. Is this kennel cough? We are currently renovation some rooms in our apartment and there is dust flying around everywhere, is it...
  9. Poor Dante has a bad bad cold. I'm worried. When should I take him to the vet

    Dog Health Questions
    So I just got a dog from the LA pound. Today was his one week anniversary in his new home. He got neutered a week ago and by about Friday he was full of energy but started coming down with a cold. I also found worms in his stool earlier in the week so I took him to the vet on Saturday to get...
  10. Hello, and help me help my pup! (First post, and long. Sorry!)

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi. We're in San Antonio, and our little friend is Jack. First post, wish it was for a good thing. We picked up a puppy, about 6 months old, from one of the local kill shelters the Thursday before last. We adopted him the day we met him, as he was supposed to be euthanized the next...
  11. What's wrong with my 7 week Tiny Toy Poodle?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I am going to go to the vet, but I thought I'd try these forums first just in case you guys happen to know what's going on. I am a first time puppy owner, and just received my tiny toy poodle 3 days ago. Her name is Peggy Pearl, she is seven weeks old, incredibly active and playful, eating...
  12. 2-week-old puppy, gagging and coughing?

    Dog Health Questions
    Our attractive Heinz 57 "Issabella" got with a local dog (breed also unknown) and had a litter of 8 puppies a little over two weeks ago. The puppies have all been developing well, and are all fat and active. However, just about an hour ago, one of the puppies began making some weird noises. He...
  13. Loosing Chloe to distemper

    Dog Health Questions
    I purchased Chloe, a five month old 4 pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy advertised on puppyfind.com website from "enchanted babies by lisa" an online breeder in Indiana (enchantedbabies.com). The puppy was shipped to me with a cough. When cleaning out the carrier I found a syringe of...
  14. Dog Huffing

    Dog Health Questions
    The past two days my 7 year old male dog has been doing some "huffing" off and on during the day and night. Sometimes it is just one or two huffs and a few other times it has gone on for about 15-20 seconds. What might be causing this huffing? It doesn't seem to be bothering him too much as...
  15. Dog makes swallowing sounds

    Dog Health Questions
    For a while now (on and off), Acadia (male, 1 Yr) will get up from lying down, and make swallowing sounds (and cough sometimes). His stools have also been sort of "unstable" - at times with mucous, at times somewhat loose. The Vet did some tests and found nothing. Treated Acadia with Otomax and...
  16. Dog occasionally makes gagging sounds, swallows, coughs?

    Dog Health Questions
    We have a 10 month old Golden Retriever. He seems to be otherwise fine (not lethargic or withdrawn etc.). But he occasionally gets up from lying down and makes these gagging sounds, swallows repeatedly and sort of clears his throat (hard). Opinions, experiences?