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  1. Dog Peeing on bed

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello Everyone I have an 8 month Cavalier, who is very good - she has been house trained for a while now - an occasional accident now and then, but by and large very good. But .. last week she pped on my bed - am not sure if she did it out of excitement or what, but she did. Today, I bathed...
  2. Half cat half dog...is that bad?!

    General Dog Forum
    My Papillon LOVES to sleep perched on top of things like a cat. Everything form the back of the sofa to the highest pillow on the bed to his dog bed which is sitting on TOP of a dog crate--the list goes on and on! I don't personally mind, but I did hear that letting them be up high can spur a...
  3. Need some advise!

    General Dog Forum
    I have 2 dogs of my own. Tana, a 2 year old female Mini Dachshund and Topper, a 8 year old male Jack Russell. For whatever reason Tana loves to chew on my furniture, pillows, or anything really with fluff...even the blankets that I've put in their kennel. Anyways,my last couch that I spent $200...
  4. Question concerning the most stubborn dog that i've ever seen.

    General Dog Forum
    I used to train dogs in the military, I've always owned dogs. I love dogs. This is our first lab and though i've had plenty of friends with labs, i've never seen such a "labby" lab. 5.5 foot chain link fence...no problem...he jumps it in one leap. Invisible fence...no problem..he waits until...