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  1. Question about corgi coats?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi, I was looking into getting a corgi and had a pretty stupid question regarding their coat color (or possibly even texture, I'm really not sure). So, is there anything that differentiates corgi A from corgi B? Corgi A is somewhat paler, while corgi B is a darker shade of red, and their fur...
  2. All Natural Dog Treats! 20% Goes To Corgi Rescue!

    Dog Food Forum
    All Natural Homemade Dog Treats : http://twinkystreats.com/ All my treats are made with the best natural ingredients I can find, they are wheat,corn, and soy free, as well as vegetarian so very great for dogs with allergies. I'm also very passionate about corgi rescue so a portion of each...
  3. Pemmies? Cardis? Corgi owners, stand up and be counted...

    General Dog Forum
    Hey everyone, lets start a thread for Corgi owners! Pics, events, questions, photos! I'll start: This is Fiona Deathstar, she's a 5 month old Pemmie and she is the light of my day!