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  1. Potty training help

    Dog Training Forum
    My dog is an 8 month dog old golden retriever and he will only poop in a certain place a certain way far from my apartment. He will only go poop if he is off leash and in the complex dog park. I want him to be able to go wherever outside or at least on command. How do I get him out of the habit...
  2. 4 month old puppy with digestive problems - Help!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, all! I recently rescued a mix-breed puppy that had been abandoned in a parking lot. When I got her, I brought her to the vet and he estimated her age to be about 2 months. If correct, at this point, she is about 4 months old. About one week ago, I noticed she was having trouble...
  3. I need Help ASAP

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 6 month old german shepherd puppy. I recently about a week ago put her on royal canin puppy food. Today around noon, i was cooking chicken and dropped a piece of very hot chicken on the kitchen floor. Her being a puppy, she swooped in and ate the small piece of hot chicken. Within...
  4. Intermittent constipation and scooting problems

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi, I did a search for this problem and that did not quite address the problem our "Buddy" is having. He is 14 months old now and he has had bouts of constipation and scooting off and on since he was a baby. We took in a stool sample to the vet, negative. the vet gave us a high protein canned...
  5. Puppy question

    Dog Health Questions
    my gf's parents recieved a Norfolk Terrier, and only he is like 2 or 3wks old, and their to subborn to take him back to his mother. Well I want to know what should they be doing for him(no name yet)? and he seems a little constipated, I mean he pees, and poops very little. They are giving him...
  6. Help! Constipation, Swollen Anus

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, I don't own this dog, it's my cousins, but I love him. I walk him just about everyday. Last night I noticed that he had trouble pooping, he squatted for 5 minutes and nothing came out, than stopped somewhere else and squatted even longer and some came out I couldn't really tell if...