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  1. Questions about Conformation Training - Hand stack VS Free stack?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    When you train a puppy/dog for conformation, do you teach hand stacking OR free stacking, or do you teach him both? Also, when you use a special stand to teach them to stack, like the "showstacker" is that considered hand stacking? VV Link to showstackers site gallery...
  2. online conformation training resources?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Im trying to get into handling and i was wondering if anyone out there has knowledge of online resources to learn from? good YouTube videos or anything like that would be greatly appreciated! I have contacted the only place that i can find around within reasonable driving distance to my home...
  3. Show papillon advice

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    So in the pics he is 12 months, he has been entered in shows before, but had no coat. He did not do as well as the breeded planned. He has no points. *Hes only been to 3 shows* He does have a low shouldiers. He was not pic of the litter, but second or third. He has an outgoing atttiude and...
  4. Cool new book/DVD: 'Dogs In Motion'

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Aside from DogSteps, this new book appears to be one of the best resources for the study of canine structure and movement out there right now. It has video clips of gaits, xrays, 3D displays of the muscles involved in various movement, etc. all recorded from 300 dogs from 32 different breeds...
  5. Mixed Breed Conformation?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    So the AKC allows mixies to compete in some events, which is really cool, I think. For obvious reasons, this isn't the case with conformation. I've heard about some places, though, like http://mbdca.tripod.com/ , that have "conformation" classes for mutts. Their "breed standard" seems to focus...
  6. Can I finish my Mini Bulll with the tip of her ear missing?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    My 18 month old Miniature Bull Terrier, who is currently 13 points/2 majors into her AKC conformation championship, got into it with my year old standard bully last weekend and lost the very tip (very small piece) of her left ear. I am a newbie and this is my first show dog (who I am also...
  7. German Shepherd breeders - which of these has the best dogs?

    General Dog Forum
    I'm a new member, so I hope I'm doing this right. I'm planning on getting a German Shepherd. I'm a one-dog-at-a-time kind of a person, and since my beloved pittie (pit bull) died last year I've been pretty lonesome. I'm thinking about getting a puppy for the first time. In the past I always got...